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Making digitally-enabled care strategic for health systems

DexCare is an Access Optimization Platform that intelligently orchestrates health system capacity and digital demand across all lines of business

In a complex and vast sea of virtual “point solutions,” DexCare is the operating system that makes it all work.


Direct access for consumers, across all ambulatory lines of business


Intelligent guidance that gets patients to the right care setting


Tools that enable insight and efficiencies across business lines


Leverages your providers, your brand, and your EMR, systems and workflows

Incubated at Providence Health, one of the nation’s largest and most innovative health systems, DexCare generates new patients, increased revenue, better satisfaction and substantial cost savings.






New Patients
to System



In Downstream




Per Encounter

Digitally-enabled care is now a strategic imperative for health systems. DexCare has proven itself during the COVID-19 crisis—enabling us to flex our operations across virtual, at-home and in-person care. It’s now an essential element as we move to make virtual care effective across our ambulatory business lines, at scale.

Aaron Martin | Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Innovation Officer


Providence signs on entrepreneurs-in-residence to expand the reach of DexCare, a proven digital health platform

Derek Streat

Derek Streat

DexCare Chief
Executive Officer

Sean O’Connor

Sean O’Connor

DexCare Chief
Commercialization Officer

Why DexCare? Why Now?

Providence Webinar 12.2.20
DexCare Webinar | 12.02.20

The New Health Care Imperative: Optimizing Access Across Business Lines

“Innovators like Kaiser, Houston Methodist, Community Health Network and Providence are investing in new infrastructure that orchestrates health system capacity and digital demand across all lines of care, and are exploring new models for consumer access, navigation and optimization. View this discussion with changemakers at some of the most innovative health systems and get a sneak peek of DexCare, the latest technology incubated at Providence.”

Providence Digital Innovation Team

COVID-19 Digital Insight Report | Distributed Care & Digital Health

“For care that is no longer tied to the nearest clinic location, providers have an opportunity to aggregate patient demand for care across geographies, apply intelligence to match supply and demand and optimize access across their networks, and route patients to the right venue of care for their needs and preferences using data.”

Julie Yoo | Andreessen Horowitz

Healthcare: The Great Unlock

“The next generation healthcare system will need a fundamentally new infrastructure layer that treats the patient as a primary end user, has flexible and scalable data models to address non-traditional patient information, and is inherently wired for connectivity and interoperability between providers, payors, patients, and connected devices.”

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast | 09.26.20

Derek Streat, CEO of DexCare & Entrepreneur in Residence at Providence Health

“This episode features Derek Streat discussing how he started at DexCare and the biggest digital health challenges and opportunities he sees health systems facing today.”

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